Foreign artistes must be taxed more


EDITOR ? Since the beginning of dollarisation, Zimbabwe has witnessed an influx of foreign artistes from all over the world, coming to entertain locals.

The artistes have come from such countries as Jamaica, Nigeria, United States of America, South Africa to name a few.

But all these artistes have done is take our money to their respective countries to develop them or enrich their pockets.

I know that many Zimbabweans love to see these artistes come here to perform, but I believe it will be a good idea if more taxes were levied against these artistes to ensure that they do not take too much of our precious foreign currency.

I believe that this would be better than taxing the churches as has been suggested.

If the foreign artistes are taxed heavily this would ensure that the money remains in this country instead of going to other countries.

I am sure the large influx of artistes coming into the country shows that there must be good money that people receive when they perform in this country.

If the foreign artistes are taxed more and it results in the reduction of artistes coming into this country this would mean that more people would then support the local artistes and the money would circulate within instead of outside.

I know the promotion of foreign artistes has been providing employment for many Zimbabweans but this would help our cash-strapped government to get more money.

I know that most local artistes do not make as much as foreign artistes make in one show, and hence need our assistance to help them provide for their families and make sure that our hard-earned foreign currency does not leave our country but develops it as well.



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