Carl, Hakeem quarell on Twitter


HARARE – Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube’s claim on Monday that former Big Brother Africa contestant Hakeem Mandaza’s relationship with Zambian Cleo was always fake, triggered a twitter spate between the two Zimbabweans.

After Hakeem had announced that he and the Zambian rapper had agreed to go on “temporary separation”, Carl quipped that the two were finally ending a relationship that never existed in the first place.

Carl tweeted, “Hakeem and Cleo have ended their non-existent relationship!

{“Much needed material before the Comedy fest next week!”

Unimpressed the big Zimbabwean model responded: “I suggest u change that script brother…”

Carl refused to be moved and instead extended an invitation to Hakeem and Cleo to attend the comedy fiesta which will be held next week on Friday.

“Looool for the show? I would like to invite both of you to the show…it will be a good laugh!”

Despite Hakeem telling the comedian that he had totally misunderstood his break-up from Cleo, the twitter quarrel dragged on unabated.

“You got your context wrong…I don’t see how that becomes amusing…get your facts right first…,” said Hakeem.

Gradually, the twitter spate sucked in Hakeem and Carl’s fans with the big Zimbabwean hunk’s supporters urging him to ignore Carl’s taunts.

In the end the two finally made up after Hakeem had conceded defeat.

Meanwhile, Hakeem has used his Facebook account to try to bring more clarity to the status of his relationship with Cleo.

“I would like to assure my fans that my relationship with Cleo has been real and very loving from the beginning,” wrote Hakeem.

“As you are aware, every relationship faces challenges. Living in two different countries has been particularly challenging for us as a young couple.

“Our relationship was never a front for making money, had that been the case it would have been obvious to our fans and the general public.

“After Cleo’s visit to Zimbabwe we reached a stalemate as we considered future arrangements for solidifying the relationship.

“It was at this point that we considered temporary separation to enable us to address the underlying issues, I sincerely apologise to all my fans and the general public for causing unnecessary anxiety over the past few days.

“Cleo and I would like to appeal for some privacy,” posted Hakeem.

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