Govt must be considerate


EDITOR — The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is greatly disturbed by reports that government intends to demolish ‘illegal’ shelters, just like they did during the 2005 “Operation Restore Order or Operation Clean Up” which affected over 700 000 Zimbabweans.

It seems our leaders have a short memory.

In 2005 they destroyed peoples’ homes, despite the world outrage, without any slight consideration of the consequences on the affected people, especially women and children.

Imagine children, some of them not yet even a year old, were left in the open, wallowing in hunger and unfriendly weather. They never bothered to apologise.

The government lied then, like it is lying now, that it would provide alternative accommodation and built a few shells and called them houses.

Those houses are still incomplete, with no water, sewer or electricity.

The new operation comes when the rain season is upon us and Zimbabweans should brace for a really bad time.

For too long the government has been left to ride rough-shod over its citizens and it is time for people to stand up against abuse.

How long will Zimbabweans remain silent when their government deprives them their basic human rights?

It must be remembered that these people got the "illegal" stands from the same government or council officials who were seeking votes during election time. After voting them into office, Zimbabweans are paid back through the destruction of their houses.

This operation shows that our leaders are heartless, self-serving hypocrites who will stop at nothing to fulfil their appetite for the total control of helpless Zimbabweans.

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They seem to derive pleasure from seeing a lot of Zimbabweans suffer to the point of powerlessness so that they entrench their ungracious stranglehold on power.

Japhet Moyo,

ZCTU Secretary-General

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