Igwe, Extra Kwazvose concert flops


GWERU – Peter Moyo and Extra Kwazvose’s Gweru concert turned out to be a flop as fans resisted a $5 entrance fee which they say was too high.

Only a handful of fans attended the concert held Friday last week at Midlands Hotel with a substantial number turning back citing the high entry cost.

John Murira of Extra Kwazvose attributed the poor turnout to lack of adequate concert promotion.

“The promoter failed to effectively market the concert, he did not take his time to promote the event, even though he made his money from beer sales and we shared gate takings with Peter,” said Murira.

Murira justified the $5 gate fee saying it was fair though the problem is that there is no enough money circulating in the country.

“People do not have money that is the reason why $5 was too high for them — I believe there is a small amount of money circulating in the country.”

Fans resorted to the nearby joint—Downtown— where they were required to pay only a dollar as entrance fee.
However, the two groups did not disappoint stage-wise.

Extra Kwazvose performed all songs from their single album Ndizvo Zviripo which include songs such as Mai vaBhoni, AJulius and Africa among others much to the delight of the revellers.

Fans cheered as the band’s nimble-footed dancer and vocalist Francis “Franco Slomo” Dhaka took to the stage, showcasing what he knows best.

The band even performed a number of songs from their forthcoming album.

Extra Kwazvose warmed the stage for young Igwe who then took the jovial fans to dizzy heights.

Moyo performed a number of songs left by his father Tongai as well as his latest album Mushonga Mukuru.

Fans fell in love with a number of songs from the latest album such as Tutsotso among others.

The Gweru concert was enough for Moyo’s critics to prove that he is a no push over.

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