Govt must focus on important issues


EDITOR — While the Zanu PF government is busy bickering over succession issues and the recently-elected legislators are busy clamouring for top-of-the-range vehicles whose total value runs into millions, over 2,2 million Zimbabweans are facing starvation.

And all that only a few months after these politicians have been elected into office on account of the promises they made to the electorate to help improve their lives.

Now they have assumed office and expensive vehicles have become their biggest priority superseding the lives of the millions starving in the country.

It makes sad reading that villagers in some areas are surviving on wild fruits and fighting for food with wild animals in a country endowed with so many resources.

Long gone are the days of blaming sanctions for this situation because when these politicians were voted into office recently, they knew of the existence of these sanctions and were prepared to help the electorate as they promised.

Now it is time for quick action to save these starving citizens.

My heart bleeds, especially for the children and the elderly in this critical situation with the former largely being forced to drop out of school due to hunger at this crucial time of examinations.

I pray that these people receive food aid urgently.

Baba Jika

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