Archbishop Gaura mourned


HARARE – Kefasi Gaura, the Archbishop of the National Apostolic Faith Mission of the Holy Ghost (NAFMHG) Archbishop, has died of kidney failure. 

He was 83.

Archbishop Gaura was buried at his Mudhindo rural home in Guruve on Friday.

Congregants, family and friends who attended the burial described the late Gaura as a figurehead who nurtured people regardless of their origin or political affiliation.

Archbishop Johannes Ndanga described Bishop Gaura as an icon whose contribution was of paramount importance to the upkeep of Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ).

“Archbishop Kefasi Gaura was an icon of social uprightness among indigenous churches in this country and his love for mankind should not be overlooked even when it comes to decision-making process within the administrative structure of ACCZ,” Ndanga said.

“As ACCZ, we lost a role model since he was one of the oldest bishop in our organisation and we feel ashamed as indigenous churches for loosing this man who always advocated for religious tourism in Zimbabwe saying it is the only solution we could revive our economy.

“Gaure was among Bishops who called for the resuscitation of the economy through religious tourism initiative among indigenous churches and his death is a great loss to the entire nation since his church has many branches throughout Africa as a continent and it requires support from all churches.”

His church spokesperson Bishop Emmanuel Chindiya said: “Archbishop Gaura was a figurehead and mentor to us and as such we have been saddened by his death since he used to nurture us regardless of political affiliation or origin.

“He was thus a greater man in terms of annointment by God and we are really worried since he had projects to fulfil such as to build a school in order to alleviate illiterate rate among congregants for the betterment of Zimbabwe and for that matter, we thank ACCZ for assisting the church during Bishop Gaura’s short illness till his death.

“We would like to describe Bishop Gaura as a hardworking man in terms of bringing about peace, unity and development of this country since his major aim was to incorporate congregants.”

He is survived by his wife Ravhati and seven children.

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