Sports ministers meet on Zone VI games


BUAWAYO – Ministers of sports from five regional countries gathered in Bulawayo last week to discuss and participate in the mapping of the Zone VI games set to be held in the City of Kings next year in December.

The meeting was meant to evaluate and share ideas on the hosting of the Zone VI games and also help the countries on how best to develop sport.

In his official opening speech guest of honour, Minister of State in the President’s office Simon Khaya Moyo said good sport coupled with excellent administration has the ability to positively influence socio-economic activities.

“When people play well, in a conducive environment free of maladministration and vice, a nation’s development is guaranteed”, Moyo said.

“You have embraced women and those living with disability, creating an environment of inclusivity and indiscriminate participation by all in society.

“Borders can separate the countries as states but they will never separate the people as Africans more so as people from Southern African, let us continue demonstrating that together we can’t fail.”

Namibia’s Sports Minister, Akandjo Jerry said as a country they have benefitted immensely from the meeting and those they have attended before.

They have also started improving their infrastructure to also suit the world standards.

“We have in fact started to take sport seriously in Namibia and we are in the process of developing minority sports like swimming and we will definitely bring participants in every sporting discipline come December next year,” he said.

Filkile Mbalula, the Minister of Sports in South Africa, said the meeting was important as it brought together member states to discuss and help each other to develop sport and nature talent.

“The meeting is important because we locate sport, unite and begin to appreciate who we are. We want to bring meaning to the games,” he said.

Mbalula said the Zone VI games were a nursery where talent is grown and natured.

“As South Africa we are ready and we have always been open to share knowledge, skills and facilities we have,” Mbalula added.

Lesotho Minister of Sport, Maseribane Thesele said: “It is good to have meetings like this to evaluate and share ideas. After everything I see sport in Africa going to a certain level where every country professionalise every sport.”

Thesele also said Lesotho was ready to host the Cosafa tournament set for December this year.

Their local organising committee has incorporated South Africa to help them in hosting the games and those are some of the fruits of the Zone VI council on ministers.

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