Munyeza acquires Mugg & Bean franchise


HARARE – Hospitality group African Sun’s chief executive Shingi Munyeza has acquired the franchise for South African food outlet, Mugg & Bean (M&B) for the Zimbabwean market.

Munyeza said he acquired the franchise for the specialised coffee shop from South Africa (SA)’s Famous Brands under his family investment portfolio in May but opened the first outlet on November 1 in Harare.

He said he invested $400 000 in the project and planned to add three more outlets over the next year.

“We intend to expand this particular brand and others into the main economic centres. We plan to have three more Mugg & Bean outlets within the next 12 months and will see where demand takes us from there,” Munyeza said.

Other Famous Brands franchises in Zimbabwe include Wimpy and Steers fast food outlets.

This comes as KFC also plans to open 25 outlets in the country as more investors set eyes on the fast food industry.

M&B is a full-service, fast casual, coffee-themed franchise restaurant chain originating from SA.

Despite originating in SA, according to Wikipedia, there is an obvious and intended influence from “American” coffee shops — most specifically, what is perceived to be “San Francisco”-style shops.

The restaurant chain was founded in 1996 by Ben Filmalter, one of SA’s most prominent restaurateurs and a founding member of the South African Restaurant Association.

As of 2009, M&B had 96 outlets throughout SA as well as a number of overseas operations, including the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. 


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