Zanu PF must put people first


HARARE – Since President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF won the elections in July, it seems the economy has gone from bad to worse and there appears to be no solution in sight to end the crisis.

Unemployment levels are rising, there are no new job opportunities and the cash crunch is hitting peoples’ pockets hard.

The nation is now confused, what is Zanu PF up to?

Is the party putting the people first or their personal interests ahead of the welfare of the masses?

It seems Zanu PF officials are busy fighting to succeed Mugabe instead of steering the economy back to its feet. But we are not surprised.

Political theorist, diplomat and historian Niccolo Machiavelli probably had Zanu PF and Mugabe in his thoughts when he came up with his The Prince notion.

In The Prince manual, Machiavelli, widely considered to be the father of modern political theory, espouses the logic of acquiring and maintaining power and how to lose it as well.

He argued that after assuming power the prince must be wary of different groups of people among them those who helped him assume power as they will also fight to have a chunk of the cake or to take over.

This is the situation Mugabe and Zanu PF are in at the moment. But in the process, they are neglecting the people most of whom voted them into power.

While factional fights were considered a myth in Zanu PF, they have been blown into the public fray and have been fought in the media in recent weeks and now we all know why the party that won elections has not been delivering on their promises to the people.

Zanu PF’s energies are now clearly directed at factional fights and battles to succeed Mugabe while at the same time the economy is suffering and when the economy stutters it is the people that endure the pain.

Poverty is all over the place, there is no money circulating in the country, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa claims he has not received diamond revenue in months and there seems to be chaos in our economy.

Against this background, we appeal to Mugabe to immediately instruct his people to stop engaging in fights to replace him and concentrate on alleviating the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe.

We are in a situation where government needs to be serious about the welfare of the people as opposed to power struggles.

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