Why tax churches?


EDITOR ?I am worried and cannot believe what the government has said to churches that they should pay taxes.

Personally, I do not think that a church is a business but it is a place of worship and of doing charity works.

In the new Constitution there is no section which states that churches should pay taxes to the government, so why embark on a programme that is not stipulated in the Constitution.

Most churches in Zimbabwe use their income to take care of the less-privileged that is the orphans, widows, the elderly, to mention but a few.

A responsible government has the responsibility of taking care of the less-privileged but it is doing nothing about it.

Churches sacrifice a lot and now play this role with whatever amount of income they get from the congregation.

There is no-one who gets a pay slip in churches, so they should not be paying taxes when there no pay slips in church institutions.

If I may quote the Bishop of Life and Liberty Churches Noah Pashapa, “There are churches that operate as business in cooperatives whereby they are owned by an individual who benefits from offering, tithes directly and there are those that operate as faith-based not for profit organisation which are public entities whose income is channelled towards community development and social transformation”.

They should consider what Noah Pashapa said in a recent publication in your paper before they put in action this unjust decision.

Tendai Zimunhu,

Hatfield, Harare

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