Minister please help parents


EDITOR – I would like to add my voice to the parents’ ballooning disgruntlement over the new administration at St Johns Chikwaka High School.

It appears they came in with the wrong perception that the current pupils have parents connected to their rival faction led by Bishop Kunonga.

Some of what they do is bent on frustrating us so that we transfer our pupils.

A month ago, we were called for a meeting whose agenda centred on purchasing a school bus.

We were shocked to find out that we were asked to discuss an issue that they had already concluded.

The bus was already parked at the school and we were asked to rubber stamp the transaction.

Parents protested, demanding three quotations. We also demanded that the school should use a tender system.

After a 10-minute-argument, we were asked to raise our hands if we were in support of the idea of buying a school bus.

We all raised hands because we were for the idea but against the way it was to be bought.

Those who opposed the idea were asked to show by the same sign and of course nobody raised.

Surprisingly, we were then told that we had voted for the bus which was parked.

Despite protest from parents who felt cheated, the school told us that it was going to apply for permission from the ministry using those statistics and they quickly introduced another item on the agenda.

Please minister Dokora investigate on this issue.

The teachers at this school also have a tendency of selling things to pupils at exorbitant prices.

Form Ones entrust their pocket money with the teachers.

However, they don’t get it back in cash as they are instead forced to buy teachers’ expensive stuff.

The school must also explain where they put the “banned” stuff they confiscate from students.

We have discovered that they want parents to visit our children every month because they benefit out of it.

After our visits there will be a raid where they confiscate the so-called groceries and they also have braai where students are in a way forced to buy meat.

They are forced because on that particular day, they serve sadza with plain cabbage in the dining hall.
Please help us.


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