MDC pair up for bombing Zanu PF offices, press


HARARE – Two MDC activists have been hauled before the courts on charges of bombing Zanu PF’s  Machipisa offices and Jongwe Printers.

Ishmael Kauzani, 39, and Collins Chisunga are facing two counts of aggravated malicious damage to property, eight counts of attempted murder and attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected government.

The pair appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira alleged that on September 28 this year, Kauzani, Chisunga and others still at large,  went to Zanu PF Machipisa offices and set it on fire using unknown implements.

The fire spread and destroyed most of the property. As a result, the roof collapsed, the court heard yesterday.

It spread to Grocery World Supermarket which is adjacent to the Zanu PF offices and burnt various groceries and property.

Firemen from Central Fire Department reportedly took more than 13 hours to put the fire under control.
It is the State’s case that on October 28 around 2am, Kauzani together with his accomplices allegedly bombed Jongwe Printers in the Workington Industrial Area in Harare.

Mashavarira further alleges on the day in question, eight of Jongwe Printers employees were in the building on night shift.

Kauzani and his alleged accomplices reportedly assembled outside the premises and threw molotov cocktails into the building.

On November 12, Kauzani was arrested after police received a tip-off that he was responsible for the bombings.

House searches carried on Kauzani’s last address recovered an MDC Veteran Activists Association membership card attached to a coded document titled Operation BRAVO 11 which contained strategies to destabilise the country.

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It is further alleged that between June and November this year, Kauzani, Chisunga and others hatched a plan and organised the setup of a body that would overthrow the government through unconstitutional means.

The State claims Operation  BRAVO 11 has strategies to destabilise the country through insurgency or conventional warfare and removing the government by force.

It is the State’s case that accused persons went around committing the above offences at the influence of the contents of Operation BRAVO 11.

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