Harare Childrens’ Home appeals for help


HARARE – Harare Children’s home is appealing for funds to look after children under its care.

The home houses 80 children, most of them of school-going age.

Maria Sithole, Harare Children’s home director, said they embarked on a street collection last week to raise awareness to the children’s needs.

“We have 80 children at the moment, the youngest is three months old and we have two girls already in tertiary institutions now,” Sithole said.

She said the major challenge was providing school fees and uniforms for the children.

“Our children go to Admiral Tait Primary and Roosevelt Girls’ schools. Our major challenge has been school fees and uniforms,” she said.

“We know a lot of parents whose children might have passed through those schools still have uniforms that our children can also use.”

Sithole said her organisation also engaged in other income generating projects to complement donations.

“We also do gardening and poultry to supplement the home’s income. We get our vegetables and eggs from the projects and it has been affordable to give our children a balanced diet.

“We have developed an idle land into an events park called Mwana Dream Park. People come to hire for concerts and weddings. We are still developing ablution facilities.”

Sithole expressed gratitude to the Harare community for the support it has rendered to the institution in the past.

“We are grateful to all people who support us especially the Harare community who have been very supportive. People are doing their best for the welfare of the children and we are also doing our best to sustain ourselves,” said Sithole.


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