Tsvangirai goes back to the people


HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has hit Zimbabwe’s campaign trail again amid rising domestic tension and mounting economic problems.

Tsvangirai, whose movement has withdrawn a challenge to the July 31 election results and push for the government to hold a new presidential ballot, is due to address rallies  in Harare Central, Harare North, Harare West and Mt Pleasant constituencies this coming week.

He has said the opposition would not participate in the audit of the vote because the Electoral Commission did not meet his demand for an examination of voter registers.

He has produced a voluminous dossier detailing electoral fraud.

On Wednesday, Tsvangirai visited Glen View and Budiriro and on Thursday he was in Highfield  and Glen Norah.

“The (MDC) president has already visited 16 districts in Masvingo and now he is visiting Harare,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said. “He will travel to every district nationwide, engaging the people of Zimbabwe on the way forward.

“There is an overwhelming national concern that this election was stolen. People are updating the president on how it actually happened.

“In Gutu East, Chin’ai Village, the villagers said they did not find all their names on the voters’ register on the day of voting.”

Tsvangirai mounted in the July poll the strongest challenge Mugabe has faced since taking power from Britain in 1980.

He accuses the president of rigging the vote, criticisms echoed by the United States and European Union, which have tightened personal sanctions on Mugabe and his inner circle.

Tamborinyoka said there was a crisis of legitimacy which he said can only be resolved by a free, fair and credible election.

And the MDC leader predicted tougher times ahead for mineral-rich Zimbabwe saying Mugabe’s Zanu PF’s was incapable of governing this polarised nation and said its wealth of economic problems ultimately would force him out.

“People’s faith remains in the MDC, and their faith remains in the party leadership of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai,” Tamborinyoka said.

While Tsvangirai lost by a wide margin to Mugabe, he is again criss-crossing the country to rally supporters.

The campaign has been marked by personal insults as Tsvangirai insists Mugabe stole the vote, stealing the hope of millions of Zimbabweans.

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