Workers await on Mugabe promise


HARARE – As the year draws to an end, civil servants say President Robert Mugabe, who promised a salary increment for government workers, should fulfil his promises.

Mugabe told mourners at the National Heroes Acre in August this year that he will hike the salaries without fail.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said they will continue to engage the president on the review.

“There is still time and we may get the increments before the end of this year,” said PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe.

“We want to believe that the electoral promises were genuine. The politburo acknowledged that the money civil servants are earning is not enough and that now must be transformed into action.”

Mugabe said: “We have promised to address the issue of salaries and conditions of living; we pledge to fulfil this promise this year.”

Majongwe said nine representatives of unions met on Tuesday and resolved to write a position paper that will be handed over to the Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.

“We feel that the promises made by the president should now be fulfilled,” he said.

“We are waiting with glee for the president to fulfil his own words. If the government fails to pay there are so many things we can do to force them to pay us,” said Majongwe.

November is a month usually associated with bonuses and Majongwe says teachers are waiting for their 13th cheque.

“Government must not just come and impose views on us. We are supposed to know what is happening and right now we are in the dark,” he said.

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