Road carnage rises


HARARE – Zimbabwe has recorded an increase in road accidents, with police saying public vehicles accounted for most of the carnage.

Charity Charamba, the national police spokesperson,  yesterday revealed that 189 people have died in road accidents in October alone.

At least 171 deaths were recorded in the same month in 2012.

“This is quite alarming and heart rendering,” Charamba said.

“Most of the accidents are caused by speeding, following too close, head-on collision, misjudgment, reckless and negligent driving.”

Charamba said police will not hesitate to put under scrutiny such driving conduct and to impound vehicles and have drivers prosecuted whenever they are found exhibiting reckless and dangerous driving.

The police said the motoring public should take precaution when travelling on Zimbabwe’s roads as the infrastructure has not changed in view of our increased vehicle population.

Among the huge record of deaths registered in October include the fatal accident that claimed 24 people in Chisumbanje after an ethanol fuel tanker side-swiped a truck carrying mourners heading to Chisumbanje.

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