MDC youths rally behind Tsvangirai


HARARE – The Youth Assembly for Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC have leapt to the defence of their party leader saying anybody who is not content with his leadership should “ship out”.

Solomon Madzore, MDC youth assembly leader, told the Daily News that there was no presidential vacancy at the party.

There have been increasing calls for the former premier to pass the baton following his devastating loss in the July polls to long-time rival President Robert Mugabe.

On Monday this week, Elias Mudzuri, the Warren Park MDC MP, openly admitted that he is gunning for Tsvangirai’s post.

The former Harare mayor said if the people want him to take over, he was ready.

“Let me be clear on this, we sit on the national executive council and Mudzuri has never raised this issue and yet he knows how the party operates,” Madzore told the Daily News.

“The debate on leadership renewal is healthy but it should be done within the party. As of now, there is no presidential vacancy available. Anybody who is not happy with Tsvangirai’s leadership is free to quit. In our party its either you shape up or ship out. We never forced anybody to join and as such anyone is allowed to quit at any time.”

The outspoken Dzivaresekwa MP said the youth assembly was firmly behind Tsvangirai and will endorse him at the 2016 elective congress.

“We are very much happy with the leadership of Tsvangirai,” Madzore said. “It is not only leadership, but able leadership.

“As youths, what we are saying is that Tsvangirai must be our presidential candidate in 2023. We are no longer talking about 2018.

“Those who are supposed to take over from him are still young to do so but after 2023, they will be mature enough to do so.”

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