Ugandan comedian salutes Zim fans


HARARE – Anne Kansiime, regarded by many as the funniest comedian in East Africa, has sent out her love to her Zimbabwean fans.

Though the hilarious Ugandan comedian has never visited Zimbabwe, she has apparently been touched by the groundswell of support she has generated in this country.

East Africa’s most recognisable comedian, whose videos have attracted over a hundred thousand hits on YouTube and are widely circulated on social media platforms, is well known as a stickler for originality.

In the video message to her Zimbabwean fans Kansiime said: “All the love to Zimbabwean people for giving me support I hope I continue breaking your ribs over and over and over again.

“And I am so honoured you needed to talk to me and listen to me. Keep growing and getting better and better at what you do,” she said.

The 27-year-old comedian, who is a member of Uganda’s top comedy group called Fun Factory, does her comedy skits in her native Swahili language and in English.

Kansiime, who also does stand-up comedy, tackles, corruption, social, economic issues, dating, domestic violence, politicians’ lives, marriage issues, children, family relations and friendships.

It was not immediately clear why she singled out her Zimbabwean fans for special praise but this could have been due to her long-standing working relationship with Zimbabwe’s top comedian Carl Joshua Ncube.

Kansiime, who hosts a public dialogue show code-named Minibuzz during weekdays on NTV, the number one TV station in Uganda, has shared the stage with Ncube and other top African comedians on tours around Africa and beyond.

A few months ago Zimbabwean blogger Fungai Machirori interviewed the hilarious comedian in the Ugandan capital city Kampala.

Though Kansiime’s video message to Zimbabwe is silent on any pending visit to this country, her fans will surely be hoping that the celebrated Ugandan jester will finally make a maiden tour of Zimbabwe soon.

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