Sisters up for brother’s murder


HARARE – Two Murewa sisters allegedly tied their brother’s hands using a wire, before beating him to death, a High Court judge heard yesterday.

Elizabeth Nyambayo and Theresa Nyarugwe are appearing before High Court judge Samuel Kudya facing murder charges, after they allegedly murdered their brother Hardson Nyarugwe.

The two were jointly charged with Nyambayo’s now deceased boyfriend Proud Michael, who also allegedly participated in the murder.

Prosecutor Beven Murevanhema said the incident took place in November 2010, when Hardson arrived home at around 9pm and entered into his bedroom to sleep.

The court heard that Elizabeth was sleeping together with Michael in her bedroom.

She allegedly woke up and confronted Hardson over a broken key.

A fight ensued between the two before Theresa and Michael joined in.

Michael provided a wire which was allegedly used to tie Hardson’s hands.

According to State papers, Elizabeth picked up a hammer and used it to strike Hardson all over his body until he died.

The court heard after the trio realised that Hardson had died, they allegedly carried his body into his bedroom.

The State claims they connived to make a false report to the police, claiming that Hardson had been attacked by unknown assailants.

A post-mortem report that was compiled by Reginald Gwisai concluded that death was due to intracranial haemorrhage and depressed skull fracture.

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