Champion opens up to life struggles


HARARE – Newly crowned Mr Zimbabwe, Champion Chienderamwano, had to overcome a personal tragedy of losing his mother.

The Botswana-based Chienderamwano was crowned Mr Zimbabwe at the Harare International School in Mt Pleasant on November 2 to add to his Musclemania title he had already won in August.

Chienderamwano never knew his father and was raised by his mother, Miriam, together with his three brothers and four sisters.

Sadly, Chienderamwano and his siblings were orphaned in 2007 when their mother passed away. 

“My mum was a pillar in my life, I never knew my daddy,” Chienderamwano tells the Daily News.

“Life was tough growing up in the neighbourhood without a daddy when most of my friends were fortunate enough to experience the sun from both sides

“I just grew up knowing only the motherly love and I believe God had a purpose for me growing up without a father, maybe if my daddy was here today, I wouldn’t have been crowned Mr Zimbabwe.”

While the sport of bodybuilding is normally associated with machismo, Chienderamwano was overwhelmed by emotion after winning the Mr Zimbabwe crown.

“I really dedicate this trophy to my late mother. If she was around I would do big things for her to express my sincere love and appreciation for moulding me into a person I am today,” a tearful Chienderamwano said on the night of the contest.

The heavily bulked bodybuilder is happily married to Linah and the couple have three kids, two boys and a girl.

“I will do everything to spoil my kids. I will do all my best to give them all the love and care they need. I am very happy with my family.”

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