Sodomy pastor jailed 20 years


HARARE – A House of Mana church pastor who sodomised his congregant has been jailed for 20 years.

Harare magistrate Fadzai Mtombeni sentenced Tizora Kaitano to an effective 20 years in prison after the court found him guilty of two counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Both counts were treated as one for purposes of sentencing.

Kaitano was advised to appeal to the High Court if unsatisfied with the conviction or sentence.

She said the case was aggravated by the fact that the 24-year-old complainant looked up to Tizora, holding him in high esteem as a pastor “and only a prison sentence would justify the offence”.

She also considered that Kaitano was on anti-retroviral therapy and could have infected the complainant.

She said Tumba delayed making a police report because he was afraid of “death threats” he received from Kaitano.

Tumba told the court that during the act he saw his “pastor” developing fully-formed breasts in a space of three minutes.

Tumba said he failed to scream or resist because he felt like he had been cast under some evil spell that rendered him powerless.

Kaitano denied the allegations and said Tumba “must have been demon-possessed when he made the allegations” which he described as a shock and embarrassment.

Prosecutor Tungamirai Muganhiri proved that Kaitano invited Tumba to 66 Mukarati Road in Mufakose, Harare on September 28 and sodomised him.

Kaitano threatened Tumba with death, if ever he was going to disclose what was about to happen.

He then took a bottle containing water, which he sprinkled around the whole room before rubbing oil on Tumba’s forehead.

Tumba started feeling weak and slumped powerlessly onto a chair.

Kaitano allegedly removed his shirt and Tumba saw breasts developing on the pastor’s chest.

The pastor allegedly fondled the weak Tumba. He went on to force Tumba to sodomise him.

Tumba allegedly regained power at a later stage and left the room.

The following morning Tumba went to the pastor’s residence and told him that his privates were itchy but Kaitano insisted that he would die if he ever revealed the abuse.

He later told Silas Chimbumu about the incident and the matter was reported to the police, leading to Kaitano’s arrest.

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