Let’s preserve our heritage


EDITOR — Zimbabwe is adorned with many scenic areas that attract regional and international tourists every year.

Simultaneously, it is beset with issues like unemployment, hunger, economic maladies and other difficulties.

As a result of this paradox, people find themselves resorting to desperate acts to survive.

The recent poisoning of elephants, invasion of safaris or resort areas and now the ongoing destabilisation of the flora and fauna in Vumba mountains is testament of the recklessness that has ensued from the afore-stated situation.

People need sustenance and being accustomed to an agrarian background, the tendency to turn to the land for a livelihood is only intrinsic. Africans are people of the land.

Our land is our source of life and we turn to it for survival but people must understand that not all land is available for them to do as they please.

Certain reserved and enclosed pieces of land may not be tampered with.

Gone are the days of thinking that all land belongs to God therefore no man should claim to own it.

Yes, God created everything but government statutes regarding land must be obeyed.

This is partly for the benefit of the economy, we need to know our boundaries, otherwise if we blindly occupy any pieces of land we want, we risk getting evicted or even arrested.

Freedom Shumba,


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