Minister in reading blunder


MASVINGO – Davis Marapira, the deputy minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development responsible for Cropping, stunned guests at Flamboyant Hotel when he struggled to read a prepared English speech on Thursday.

Marapira, who is also the Masvingo North legislator, had a torrid time in front of delegates as he struggled to pronounce English  words  after he was invited to officiate at a dairy farmers’ meeting.

Clad in a grungy, cheap nylon suit,  a neck tie and farmer shoes,  Marapira could hardly pronounce big words and repeated them  over and over in a low voice.

This prompted guests to question his educational credentials.

The deputy minister struggled to pronounce “multi-currency regime.” He paused and spluttered it several times.

Marapira continued to astound delegates through out his address when  he repeatedly stuttered to pronounce the word “nutritious.”

Asked by the Daily News what the problem was, Marapira said he had not be given the chance to go through the speech before addressing delegates.

“The thing is that I was given the speech a few minutes from  addressing so  I did not have time to study it and get acquainted with it,” he told the Daily News. “If I had  time to go through it, it was going to be different.”

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