Sikhala disbands MDC 99, joins NCA


HARARE – Job Sikhala has disbanded his MDC 99 party and merged with Lovemore Madhuku’s National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) to form “one large political party.”

Addressing a press briefing in the capital yesterday, Sikhala said in the interim, the “large party” will operate under the flagship of NCA and top leadership of the two parties will collaborate until congress scheduled for March next year.

The NCA, formerly a constitutional pressure group advocating for a people-driven governing charter, was transformed into a political outfit after the July 31 polls in which Zanu PF won by a two-thirds majority.
It is led by Madhuku, a law professor at the University of Zimbabwe.

“We have been working together on several modalities to see how we can proceed and we have agreed that the MDC 99 merges with the NCA to come out with one political movement that will contest for political power against the current political set up,” Sikhala said.

The former St Marys’ lawmaker said his party will cease to exist as they try to fight for political space with MDC and Zanu PF.

Madock Chivasa, the NCA spokesperson, said: “Other issues will be discussed at the congress.”

Asked about what position he will hold in the new political party, Sikhala said: “We are not worried about the scramble for positions and every individual will be in the national taskforce with equal power”.

MDC 99 was formed in 2010 after Sikhala fell out with the smaller MDC formation.

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