Nyabira couple’s wedding invalidated


HARARE – A Nyabira couple connived to use a National Identity card (ID) of the wife’s sister to process their marriage certificate.

Brenda Bara, 22, legally married Tawanda Saunyama, 27, a soldier with the Parachute Regiment, using Norest Bara’s national ID.

The marriage was solemnised at the Rotten Row Magistrates’ Courts.

Brenda was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment, with an option of a $100 fine.

Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe convicted Bara on her own plea of guilty.

She was also ordered to return the marriage certificate to the registrar’s office because it was invalid.

Prosecutor Oscar Madume proved that sometime in May this year, Brenda requested for her sister’s identity card without mention of her intentions with it.

On May 16, Brenda and Saunyama used the identity card to obtain a marriage certificate at Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

They later told Norest that they had used her ID card to obtain the fraudulent marriage certificate.

She reported the matter to the police leading to their arrest.

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