Municipal cops deployed to ease jams


HARARE – Harare City Council will be deploying municipal police officers to man busy intersections in Harare’s Central Business District in a move aimed at decongesting the city during peak hours.

Thomas Muzuva, the city’s deputy mayor, said the move was not in any way meant to usurp the role of the police.

“We are actually partnering ZRP to help improve traffic flow in the city,” Muzuva told the Daily News.

“There is too much congestion especially during peak hours and we are deploying our force to all intersections that normally have congestion.”

There has been an unprecedented upsurge in the number of vehicles, with traffic congestion proving costly for motorists who find themselves stuck in traffic when they should be at work or simply frustrated at the time wasted in trying to get from A to B.

Muzuva said that the causes of congestion in the city were beyond road capacity.

“Many drivers cannot judge that it is too late to proceed,” he said.

“You then see them stuck in the middle of the intersection blocking cars with the right of way and even causing accidents.”

At least 3 400 vehicles are imported per month now, compared to about 3 000 imported in 2007.

The deputy mayor said the deployment will be sustained to restore order on the roads.

“We will only stop them when drivers learn to respect traffic lights,” Muzuva said, adding the long overdue launch of the Coventry holding bay will only come after it has been tarred.

The struggling local authority believes the bay can significantly reduce congestion in the interim while it prepares for the launch of a mass public transportation system.

The bay’s construction started mid last year and the city fathers have missed countless deadlines they set for its completion.

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