MDC blasts politicisation of food aid


HARARE – Nelson Chamisa,  MDC legislator for Kuwadzana, yesterday slammed partisan distribution of farming inputs in Parliament.

He alleged Zanu PF was working with agricultural extension officials and district administrators to distribute food aid along partisan and corrupt lines in both the government grain and seed loan schemes.

Chamisa alleged Zanu PF officials, government officials and traditional chiefs were demanding Zanu PF membership cards from the villagers before they receive government food aid and agricultural inputs.

Chamisa grilled Patrick Chinamasa, leader of the House and minister for Finance, during the Parliamentary question time in the august house.

“We are receiving numerous reports on the distribution of food and seeds inputs and we want to know whether it is government policy to use food as political weapon against MDC supporters in the rural areas?”said Chamisa.

“These unfortunate reports come at a time when the people of Zimbabwe are facing severe food shortages due to drought, high unemployment and high levels of corruption in Zanu PF where government agricultural inputs are looted.”

Chinamasa denied the allegations insisting there was non-partisan food distribution to needy families and claimed the MDC wanted to sensationalise the matter.

“The country is going through a difficult period as a lot of people need food and it is government policy that no Zimbabwean’s to face hunger as we have said the food distribution must be done without political affiliation,” Chinamasa said.

“I know that from time to time people of MDC find excuses to rubbish the government policy on food distribution.”

Being partisan in food distribution is in breach of the new Constitution, which clearly states that every citizen has a right to sufficient food, safe and potable water.

Zimbabwe is facing a severe food shortage with 2,2 million people  in need of food aid with  some people in the drought ravaged  areas  living on wild fruits and competing with wild animals to access scarce food and water amid intensifying hunger.

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