Let us buy local chickens


EDITOR — There have been reports that Zimbabwean  food outlets are selling Brazilian chicken imports which have been embalmed with chemicals normally used to preserve corpses.

This is very disturbing and has to end.

Why do we have to import chickens?

That is a big question in a country where we claim to be the owners of land, where we claim to be the owners of the means of production.

The ministry of Youth has been empowering the youths and most of them have gone into poultry rearing.
If we move in homes, most families are rearing chickens for sale.

Why not promote our own locals than importing chickens?

I am sure with all these supplies, there will be enough to cater for the country.

Surely, there is need to protect and promote the country’s brands.

Imports are forcing Zimbabwean consumers to buy sub-standard products, some of which are preserved using unorthodox means.

There should be measures to curb the influx of those kinds of chicken imports.

The local industry is also failing to compete with smuggled goods as they were cheaper.

To imagine that we actually have officials in high places who can easily halt this practice but it needs a whole conference to discuss a simple matter such as impounding all such products and put a stop to such dangerous practices.

We may need cheaper thing which may be harmful to our health.



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