DNA laboritory long over due


EDITOR — We have a lot of outstanding criminal and civil cases in our country which need solving.

There are many victims of domestic violence and disputes where men with interim orders need Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) evidence to convince themselves they are the father or convince the court they are not.

The only solution to all this is having our own DNA forensic laboratory.

If we have our own DNA forensic laboratory, that would mean a speedy resolution of such disputes.

I believe we have our local experts and what is only needed is our own laboratory. 

Recently, the country experienced a national disaster where a truck ferrying mourners collided head-on with a Chisumbanje  (Greenfuel) ethanol tanker, resulting in an inferno.

Family members halted the mass burial of the victims as they needed to positively identify the victims through DNA.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe does not have a DNA forensic laboratory even though the technological breakthrough was made in the mid-1980s.

We need to avoid sending DNA profiling requests to South Africa to cut costs  and allow speedy resolution.

Having the lab in the country means job creation and more retention in the country of the much-needed currency.



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