Chief Chinamhora’s claims false


EDITOR — Claims by Chief Chinamhora as reported in your paper that Harare’s Central Business District (CBD), including Africa Unity Square, belongs to his chiefdom are not only a lie but an attempt to re-engineer history so as to suit his ego and that of the erstwhile colonisers who crafted the current national and ethnic boundaries.

Harare, as it is called today, was named after Chief Haarari of the Mbari people whose totem is Shumba Gurundoro. The chief of the Mbari people was struck by a disease and was always bedridden.

His people would come to commiserate with him in the morning and ask his wives how he had spent the night.

They would reply “Haarari” (he doesn’t sleep because of sickness).

The Mbari people’s area of jurisdiction covered what is now Mbare, Harare Kopje, Harare CBD up to the University of Zimbabwe. 

It stretched as far as the National Sports Stadium where they shared a boundary with Chief Mufakose.
The area that covers Mabelreign and Gillingham now Dzivaresekwa which should read Dziva-raSekwa also belonged to the Mbari people. 

If you go to Dzivaresekwa today, there is a prominent pool there where Sekwa, Mbari/Haarari’s daughter used to take a bath hence the name Dziva-raSekwa.

To the south the Mbari area extended to Mhanyame River where they shared a boundary with Seke.

Another point of correction, Harare did not belong to Seke before the coming of the white man as some people would like us to believe. 

When the great spirit medium Chaminuka was abducted by Ndebele impis under the orders of Lobengula, he was staying near what is now St Mary’s together with his Jukwa Zinhumwe from the Mbari clan.

Chief Chinamhora is wrong to claim chieftainship over Harare’s CBD and should therefore apologise to the Shumba Gurundoro Mbari people who are the original custodians of the land which he purports to belong to him. 

If he has any doubts about facts raised here, he should consult renowned historians such as Aenias Chigwedere for clarification.


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