Women add beauty to bodybuilding contest


HARARE – Women bodybuilding contestants turned out in their droves and provided a perfect reception for the return of Mr and Ms Zimbabwe at the Harare International School on Saturday after a five-year absence.

The fairer sex, who had shunned bodybuilding related events in recent years, took part in three categories namely bodybuilding, bikini and ladies figure. Their male counterparts featured mainly in the muscular bodybuilding category that had the juniors, lightweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight and the overall championship as well as the male fitness physique.

Lulu “the Iron Lady” Moura paraded a well-defined physique that saw her being crowned Ms Zimbabwe ahead of Regina Jonga, to join the list of former women bodybuilding greats such as three-time Ms Zimbabwe Claudia Muvuti, Pearl Thompson and Hilde Westwood.

The ladies bikini was won by Leigham Halfpenny while Jenna Vannikek and Crystal Annie Lawson came second and third respectively. Helen Costa Sinclair, winner of the Ms Musclemania in August, was crowned the overall ladies figure champion.

National Federation of Zimbabwe Bodybuilding and Fitness (NFZBBF) president, Otis Goredema, said the association will continue with their recruitment drive to have more women coming on board.

“We intend to continue our efforts to recruit more women from all backgrounds into this sport,” Goredema told the Daily News yesterday.

“The introductions of the figure and bikini categories which are softer, more feminine and less muscular are what will ensure the continued participation of women.  Around the world, women are gravitating more to this type of bodybuilding.

“So the Figure and Bikini categories add glamour and feminine beauty to the event, which has so far attracted a lot of interest in the sport.”

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