Give agric inputs to all, not on political lines


EDITOR — I applaud the government on their serious drive to rescucitate the agricultural sector and ensure food security for this country.

Huge amounts of inputs are being distributed to families in most parts of the country and right in time for the farming season.

I urge the government to also ensure that these inputs are distributed fairly not along political lines as each citizen should benefit from the scheme.

This massive drive to distribute agricultural inputs in time will go a long way in alleviating perennial food shortages in this country.

We now have to pray for the rains to come and do the rest.

If we can get bumper harvests, God willing, then we will be able to feed ourselves and at the same time reduce our import expenditure as we will no longer have to bring in such foodstuffs like maize etc.

At the same time, call upon the government to urgently assist the over  two million citizens staring starvation in various parts of the country.

Some are reportedly surviving on wild fruits and school children have been forced to drop from school because of hunger and all this at a critical time where exams are in progress.

I urge government to intervene as a matter of urgency on this issue.

Baba Jika

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