Chief lays claim to Harare CBD


HARARE – Chief Chinamora is laying claim to Harare’s central business district (CBD).

He wants the constitution amended to ensure that he imposes his leadership on Harare.

Chief Chinamora claims that his territory includes the Africa Unity Square in Harare’s CBD stretching to the botanical gardens just after the president’s official residence.

“The speaker just welcomed me here, what he doesn’t know is that this is my court, he should pay with a goat,” he chuckled at a campaign against child abuse in the Africa Unity Square last week.

“We are working on amending our laws so that the constitution clearly spells that we also rule in towns.”
Under Zimbabwe’s constitution, traditional leaders are there “to resolve disputes amongst people in their communities in accordance with customary law,” among other things.

Chiefs’ other duties are to promote cultural values and promote sound family values.

Chief Chinamora said there was dearth of culture and urged the reinstatement of traditional leadership in towns and cities.

He said alternatively, parents should send their children to the rural areas more often so that they can get guidance from grandparents and aunties.

“These televisions have spoiled our children’s views to life and how they should behave,” he said.

“They try and copy what they see on television, which is wrong. These children should come to rural areas during school holidays so that they can be taught the good values.”

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