Help desperate homeseekers


EDITOR — When desperate landseekers were building on illegal land, where was Ignatius Chombo?

All of a sudden he wakes up and finds that there is a problem — only after the elections?

In a normal country, he would have been fired for sleeping on the job — but then, this is Zimbabwe, where one gets promoted for doing just that.

Why did he wait for houses to be built before moving in to demolish them?

Why doesn’t Chombo regularise housing cooperatives?

I would like to urge the media to be on standby and record another travesty of justice about to befall defenceless Zimbabweans, just like in May 2005.

Zimbabweans must record these events and put them on Facebook and Twitter as they happen. The world must know.

These people did not build their houses illegally, as the minister wants us to believe — they were allocated stand numbers but the question is by who?

Some of the stands were even serviced with roads and sewer lines. Who did this servicing?

Some of the “illegal” stands were sold by councillors, who are under Chombo’s ministry.

In 2005 Murambatsvina was launched during the coldest part of the year: this time it is set to be launched during the rainy season.

This obviously is meant to fix the affected people in the most degrading way.

They have destroyed, but have not built. Thanks to them, Zimbabweans are now refugees in their own country.Just like in 2005, there is no alternative land that has been offered by the government.

When illegal housing cooperatives were parcelling out land that government deems illegal why did they not move in to stop it?

Why didn’t they offer alternative land for people to build? Once again, families who sacrificed all that they have to build houses for their families are anxious and traumatised as they await their fate from the “people’s” government. Some of them were victims of 2005’s Murambastvina.

Ever since the last Murambastvina, how much land has Chombo’s ministry given to people to build their houses?

Why does he find it difficult to empathise with people whose only crime is to seek land and buy for their families? What action will he take on those who took the homeseeker’s money?

Why is he letting these thieves get away with murder? After destroying their homes, what will the minister do to compensate them financially or by way of alternative land? Have the homeseekers been given written notices? Why can’t he engage these homeseekers and hear their side of the story?

I hope and pray that human rights NGOs and churches will be on standby to help homeseekers whose homes will be destroyed.

Counselling and prayer services should be offered. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) must press charges against those who illegally sold these stands to desperate homeseekers and force them to pay back what they took.

The ZLHR must seek the High Court’s intervention  to stop these illegal demolishing operations until people have been given alternative, serviced stands by the government to replace the so-called illegal stands.


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