Eric, Eric, Eric, why?


EDITOR — This is just one manifestation of the tactical errors of the MDC.

People like Eric Knight and Ezra Tshisa Sibanda were just imposed candidates to contest as MPs though their membership and status in the party is quite dubious.

MDC leaders must open their eyes and keep their ears to the ground.

The party has been massively infiltrated!

Eric Knight joined MDC for personal benefit, because he was thinking the party was going to win.

Now that MDC lost, his true colours are coming out very clearly.

MDC should do a thorough vetting when ever people come forward claiming to be active members.

They should not allow each and every Jack and Jill to try and use MDC as their ticket to personal fortune.
He is not a genuine MDC cadre who is going to fail even at Zanu PF.

He is probably envying Supa Mandiwandzira and Makhosini Hlongwani who are amonst the youngest people in Parliament.

Eric is a fortune seeker. MDC will do well to get rid of such people.


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