Don’t abandon projects, says Masunda


HARARE – Former Harare mayor Muchadeyi Masunda said community projects should not be abandoned because there is new leadership at council.

Masunda told journalists last week before a closed door meeting with other former mayors and the current Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni.

He said there was need for continuity in the number of community orientated projects that  former mayors embarked on during their terms of office.

“…and I think these projects must not grind to a chagrin halt because there is a new mayor and I think that is very important because most of these projects are not there for the benefit of an individual or the mayor at the time.

“They are for the benefit of the community because they are civic orientated,” Masunda said.

Engineer Elias Mudzuri also lauded the endeavour by Manyenyeni saying a tradition of meeting with predecessors should be adopted and maintained in every city.

Mudzuri said despite leaving office, one becomes a city father and must always contribute to ensure that the city develops.

“All mayors should have a certain forum where they should sit and discuss with the incumbent mayor to ensure that the city is run in the best way possible.

“The final word rests with you, we can only give advice…it depends on how far you are willing to listen and go with the previous mayors,” Mudzuri told Manyenyeni.

Manyenyeni also said there were a number of traditions that might have been lost along the way that the former mayors may assist in resuscitating.

He also highlighted that through their vast wealth of experience in different fields, they were a resource base that could be counted on.

“We think with your wealth of experience you can assist in a number of areas, be they technical, be they dispute resolution and arbitration mediation which we encounter in our time as mayors,” Manyenyeni said.

Also present in the meeting were former mayors Oliver Chidawu and Alderman Jabulani Thembani.

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