Desperate Mutodi courts Pinnacle


HARARE – In a desperate bid to ease his legal woes, embattled businessman-cum-musician Energy Mutodi has made overtures to fellow businessman Phillip Chiyangwa’s Pinnacle to re-organise his housing project.

Mutodi’s National Housing Development Trust (NHDT) has partnered with Pinnacle in what Mutodi calls a memorandum of Understanding whereby NHDT will provide clients, while Pinnacle provides housing stands.

Mutodi is currently out on bail after having been arrested following allegations of swindling home seekers, most of them civil servants of over $2 million.

“We finished deliberations last week after negotiating for a month. We are the membership board and Pinnacle will be doing the groundwork with their resources.

“We realised our strengths and weakness and realised that our strength lies in the membership which covers up to 16 000 civil servants countrywide, while Pinnacle has strength in the land. We are supplying clients to Pinnacle and they supply  resources,” he said.

Mutodi added that he has been battling to get land to give his thousands of clients.

“We were trying to get land from government but we failed to, we have never got that land.  All the land in Harare is either owned by private individuals or by council, of which council now has little land.

“What happened with the NHDT members was that they were impatient, land is tough to get. When they joined, we told them that conditions could change and we had also promised to deliver within three years but like I said land was hard to come by, nevertheless the Pinnacle deal will deliver,” he said.

He added that there are people who are trying to bring him down by spreading falsehoods and also pretending to be NHDT in a bid to steal people’s money.

“There are some dissenting voices by some private individuals who had a bone to chew with me. And some issues were blown out of proportion by the media.

“What they don’t understand is that there are some situations in which we are prejudiced by landowners and we are even duped.

“Some workers branched away and formed their own company and they are calling for meetings as well as allocating land using our name. We are not associated with them in any way.

“We have evidence of messages they were sending and they are trying to defraud them,” he said.

Mutodi was behind bars for over two weeks before being released on bail on condition that he surrenders his passport.

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