Turning sport into a business


HARARE – National snooker champion, Takunda Chauraya has turned his passion into a viable business in order to sustain himself since the sport is struggling for recognition to be rewarding.

The 23-year-old has capitalised on the popularity of snooker in the high density suburb of Glen View and has stationed two pool tables at Makomva Shopping Centre.

After winning the national pool championships in Bulawayo in September, Chauraya used the prize money of $1 000 that he got to buy another table and is now a proud owner of two units.

“It is pastime, a hobby and now a source of income for me,” Chauraya told the Daily News on Sunday.

“Out of passion, I bought my first pool table and asked to be accommodated at one of the bars.

“Although the charge for a game’s token is only R5, I have managed to sustain myself from a sport-cum-business which then motivated me to invest part of my national champ prize on other table.”

In Bulawayo, Chauraya came out tops ahead of 63 other players and received the prize money, a pool stick and three crates of beer.

Chauraya moved to Harare in 2008 from Masvingo. He made it into the Sun City Pool Club aged 18 before joining his current club DB Lions in 2010.

“The sport is still trying to get sponsorship; we don’t have salaries but have what are called one man tournaments at the end of every month where $180 down from $200 is up for grabs other than the National Championships,” he added.

The pool champion however, reiterated his wish to see the game being taken to the schools and not just in beer halls where the underage do not have access to the facilities.

“My wish however, is for the powers that be to ensure that the sport is taken to the community where even school children can have access to the game,” he said.

“They are many talented youngsters who wish to pursue the game but because of their age they are not allowed to get into bars or beer halls and at the end of the day it’s very difficult to spot the talent in them.”

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