Karizma relishes co-presenting BBC show


HARARE – One of Zimbabwe rising hip-hop stars Tinashe ‘Karizma’ Sahanga has been given an opportunity to feature on BBC’s 1 Extra Talent show puts the spotlight on upcoming artistes who show a lot of promise to make it on the big stage.

Karizma will co-present the celebrated show for young entertainers throughout this month.

The Daily News on Sunday’s Sharon Muguwu recently spoke to Karizma (TS). Below are excerpts of the interview:

SM: How old are you and what is your full name?

TS: My full name is Tinashe Sahanga and I am 29 years old.

SM: When did you start your music career?

TS: I have been rapping since I was 11 and my first serious stint with hip-hop was a play I rapped in, that was made into a TV production for the now defunct Joy TV and this was just before I turned 13.

But I became Karizma when I moved to England when I was 16.

SM: Do you play any instrument?

TS: I do not play any instrument and I do not like that. I would love to learn how to play a piano or mbira.

SM: Did you do any music training?

TS: No I have not trained for any of this but I would have gone if I had been given the opportunity. The idea of being around hundreds of creative people on a daily basis seems fantastic to me.

SM: Is your family musical?

TS: Unfortunately, my family is very academic. But I have a lot of cousins who are into artistic things like fashion and my little sister is an aspiring actress.

SM: How do you describe your music and what inspires you?

TS: I describe my music as being feel good up-tempo zwag rap. It’s especially inspired by a generation of young people that are taking the world by storm and chasing the dreams people say are too big. I’m inspired by winners, champions, Kings.

SM: Where are you based?

TS: I’m currently in England doing a few things but I have been based in Zimbabwe for the last year and a half after spending 13 years in the UK.

It’s hard to say where I will be permanently based anymore because so much is going on.

SM: After being away for so long you came back to Zimbabwe and released #NGNGv2. How has it been received?

TS: Because of past projects I was lucky to have the respect of some very talented artistes in Zimbabwean hip-hop so it was fairly easy to come in get my head down and work.

The end result is #NGNGv2 and from the first single till now the response has been so positive.

I appreciate all the support I get from fans the radio Dj’s and media outlets.

SM: What does the BBC Xtra Talent gig mean to you, how did you get a slot?

TS: The Xtra Talent gig means so much to me. It’s a huge vote of confidence from Dj Edu and the BBC who are one of the biggest media broadcasters in the world.

I have been pretty active over the last year or so with the release of #NGNGv2 and as a result Edu who has always supported me recommended me to his show producer and I guess one thing led to the next and now I am here.

SM: What does it involve?

TS: Basically I get a month-long residency presenting the final hour of Dj Edu’s show.

The purpose of it is to allow the 1xtra listeners to get to know me as an artist and at the same time play some of my music and the artists I listen to and even do interviews if I want to.

Because November is hip-hop Month on 1xtra Edu decided to pick a rapper to present his show for the month so my focus is African hip-hop and I am looking forward to it.

SM: Where can we hear your show?

TS: It will be on Monday mornings between 1 and 2am United Kingdom time during the final hour of Dj Edu’s show but there will be a stream link on the 1xtra website for seven days after every show.

SM: Are you married, if so how many children do you have?

TS: Hahahaha no! I am very single. Right now I am trying to focus on the projects I am working on so it’s very hard to find time for relationships but you never know. Any day now I might find her.

SM: Finally, how can someone reading this find your music and stay up to date on all things Karizma?

TS: My latest mixtape is available free via www.itskarizma.com so please go get that and you can follow me on twitter.com/itskarizma or add me on facebook.com/itskarizma.

I appreciate all the support and thank you taking the time to talk to me.

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