DJ Naida rips into fellow rapper Black Bird


HARARE – Zimbabwe's leading female hip-hop stars Colleen Danai “DJ Naida” Goredema and Nonkululeko “Black Bird” Vundla have been sucked into an ugly spat after the former tore into her rival on Facebook.

In the emotional tirade, Dj Naida who is a respected disc jockey, rapper, singer and producer, alleges that Blackbird is out to tarnish her image.

“Can someone please tell this Black Bird person to stop trying to turn people against me and stop talking crap behind my back,” said DJ Naida.

“If you have an issue with me you talk to me. Don’t go asking people why they are supporting me and telling people I begged you to be on my mixtape when I didn’t and saying that ‘we’re not in the same league’.

“If we are not in the same league why are you so concerned with me, what I am doing and who I am working with..?

“I have been quiet all this time; I haven’t said anything about what you were saying to people you used to work with at your former radio station (Star FM). I haven’t said anything about what I’ve heard you’ve been saying elsewhere,” she fumed.

DJ Naida claims the former Star FM DJ is falsely claiming to be in love with Tatenda “Tatea Da MC” Nziramasanga in a bid to promote her new video.

“I have been quiet because I respect you but this is getting out of hand now! I have no beef with you; stop trying to make me seem like the bad person.

“I even tried to reach out to you so don’t try making it seem like I have something against you when I don’t. And please stop concerning yourself with what I am doing, please rather concentrate on promoting your video (which is nice) and working on your comeback. I am too grown for this and I would like to think you are too,” said the popular MC.

Despite DJ Naida’s tirade against Black Bird going viral on social media, Black Bird refused to comment when the Daily News contacted her.

“I have no comment at the moment; I will not say anything about her Facebook rant. Right now I’m focusing on promoting my music video,” she said.

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This is not the first time Black Bird has been sucked into controversy. Early this year the South Africa-born Tha Rappetizer singer was fired by Star FM along with Power FM DJ Hazvinei Sakarombe, for alleging that President Robert Mugabe is of Malawian descent.

The two were later reportedly pardoned after Mugabe instructed that they be reinstated. While Sakarombe was reinstated at Power FM, Black Bird was shunted to H-Metro.

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