Sando goes back to roots


HARARE – Ernest Kambadzo Tanga Wekwa Sando, in one of his interviews in the last decade, told of how he feverishly played a tambourine in the Highfield Salvation Army church.

A barefooted youngster who was finding his feet away from the brazen fights that used to take place in the ‘‘green grass’’ a street lexicon, for venues of grudge fights by boys, Sando had set his sights on music.

That was in the 1970s then when he was part of the Salvation Army’s youth band with the late jazz promoter and executive — Lennox Chibanda.

But his love for education which would eventually take him into banking as an economist and later security, in the United States, meant Sando would put his musical dream on the back burner.

However, he later revved up things with commercially successful Wake after having taken a lull between 1993 and 2000, concentrating on business.

And when he appears to have slowed down his music enterprise, Sando has bounced back again — this time reviving his music and promoting arts in Highfield.

Pafio Outdoor, events being held under the banner of Pafio Arts and Entertainment Centre, offers Chisa Nyama barbecues, synonymous with summer.

Sando, starting tomorrow and every Saturday will perform at his Pafio Arts Centre, an outdoor facility promoting artists and offering entertainment for both music and sports lovers.

His move to perform every Saturday at PaFio gives revellers and fledgling talent in the neighbourhood an opportunity to hobnob with some of the country’s finest musicians.

During the sundowners at PaFio, Sando will perform with guest artistes drawn from jazz, hip-hop and other genres.

These artistes will appear as invited guests.

Among the artistes expected to share the stage with Sando every Saturday include Bob Nyabinde who is earmarked to make an appearance with him tomorrow.

The following weeks will see others such as Diana Samukange, Rute Mbangwa, Xtra Large, Shinsoman, performing with Sando, depending on who is slated for that particular Saturday.

Sando recently launched a singles collection he did with Xtra Large where the love theme is quite evident in songs Love Aziko and Katsindi.

The single is a delightful package which is laced with Afro-township beat and Afro- blues rock fusion.
Katsindi captures the pinnacle of love and represents a well-contented lover who says having found my sweetheart is the ultimate thing.

Tsindi is Shona word for squirrel, an animal known for its energy. Sando is among a group of impressive township jazz musicians but has been low on the musical radar in the last five years, concentrating on private business.

But all that is set to change with his weekly performances at Pafio Outdoor every Saturday.

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