Poets mark Tolerance Day


HARARE – The monthly “House of Hunger Poetry Slam” returns to the Book Café tomorrow to commemorate the International Day of Tolerance.

Though the International Day of Tolerance is celebrated world over on November 16, the Book Café has decided to mark the event two weeks earlier under the theme “Embrace yourself, Embrace others”.

The monthly showcase has grown into one of the most prominent spoken-word and poetry events in Harare, featuring both acclaimed poets who are well known locally and beyond, alongside fresh young poets and spoken word artists some of whom will be presenting their work for the very first time.

This month’s theme seeks to encourage poetry that celebrates the rich diversity of Zimbabwean cultures, promotes a spirit of tolerance, acceptance and understanding between people of different backgrounds and walks of life.

It is also meant to challenge the destructive divide-and-rule mindset often still faced by Zimbabweans today in different forms.

House of Hunger Poetry Slam co-ordinator Dennis Madyira says: “Despite the immense challenges and divisions we have faced and continue to face as individuals and communities, the International Day of Tolerance encourages us to learn to accept each other and reject negative attitudes which divide and destroy our country.

“Pamberi Trust is an organisation which believes that the arts are a vital tool for nation-building, and works to empower artists to produce their best work”.

Tinashe Tafirenyika, who has won the poetry slam several times, attaches great value to the monthly poetry event.

“The House of Hunger Poetry Slam has been a constant platform for exposure and growth plus a great networking opportunity featuring a number of inspiring poets like Chirikure Chirikure, Zimbabwe Writers Association (ZWA) secretary-general  Tinashe Mutumwapavi-Muchuri, Ticha Muzavazi and Albert Nyathi among others.  It has made me a better poet and made me discover more about my artistic ability”.

On average, 25 poets showcase diverse performances during the slam each month.

Participating poets are required to register with the “Slam Master” before the event starts at 2pm.

The Book Café has gone out of its way to encourage new blood and female poets to take part in the monthly poetry platform.


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