Open letter to Norton Town Council


EDITOR — I write this letter to the powers that be at Norton Town Council regarding the billing of water since the government ordered them to write off water and rates arrears just after elections.

As a resident of the town, I have noted that some bills that residents are receiving since the writing off of the water debts have been increased by between 300 and 400 percent.

Even in houses where there is not a single person during the course of the day and people only use water in the morning and at night after returning from work, the bills have gone up by an alarming percentage.

My question is why is it that all of a sudden the water bills have gone up?.

Where does Norton Town Council think residents will get the money to pay for water bills that have been increased by more than 300 percent?

The statements that are being sent to residents are not stating whether these are actual readings or estimates.

I believe if the council is facing financial challenges it should also consider that its residents are also in the same predicament.

We will go back to the same situation we had before elections when people could not afford to pay for water and had enormous bills.

I know everyone is looking for money but increasing the water bills and rates by such a high percentage is too much even for those that can afford.

If the council is looking for money to pay its employees bonuses, it should try another strategy because from the look of things most people will not be able to pay these bills before the end of the month or this year.

I urge Norton Town Council to engage its residents in its fundraising activities instead of just passing on the their costs to residents.

Most people do not have money and would love to live debt free life but with such things happening then maybe prepaid water meters would be the best.

Most residents might have to wait for the next election for the bills to be written-off again.

Norton Resident

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