Is this Kurera/Ukondla youth fund real?


EDITOR — I was wondering who could tell me the real truth about this Kurera/Ukondla youth fund that was meant for the youth.

I applied for these loans sometime in February because I really wanted to boost my business as every businessman/woman might feel.

I am in the business of typing, printing, photocopying, bookbinding and graphic designing which I started in 2010. It was paying so well that I had to employ two or more guys (youth).

I sent my proposal and the business plan which were the requirements, and then went for interviews in April. They kept quite for about two months as if they did not approve my application.

It was later in June when they phoned me asking me to send some of the application forms because the ones I had sent at first had gone missing, which I did.

It was in September that they phoned me again saying they wanted to check if I was still using the same telephone number and if my contact details had not changed. I informed them I had not change it.

I was informed that my application was still being processed, but from that day to date I have not heard anything from these people.

I am 31 years old, I was involved in a car accident in January 2012 and my left leg was broken above the knee and the operations did not go well. I was in and out of hospitals and doing my job at the same time.

I could not afford to pay my employees anymore because business was not doing well during my absence.

I now want to boost the business because I still have computers, printers and photocopiers. I cannot walk properly but I can do my job to my best level because it’s my dream.

I would like to know who gets these loans and who approves them. Do they go back to those guys they give loans to see if its working?.

Some people got them only because they are related to some people in high office.

I am appealing to the powers that be to help me access this loan as school are ready for end of term exams and I do a lot of typing and photocopying.

Youth in Need

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