Find better ways to deal with illegal ranks for kombis


EDITOR ? I would like to appeal to the Harare City Council to find a better way of dealing with kombis that rank in illegal areas before many people lose their lives.

I know the City of Harare would love a situation where all kombis load at designated places such as Market Square, Fourth Street Terminus, Charge Office and Copacabana to mention a few.

But as they know these termini are over crowded and most people do not want to go there because of pick pockets and other challenges.

I have noted with concern the way the municipal police and the Zimbabwe Republic Police chase these kombis all over town endangering the lives of people.

I believe that the police and council should find another way of dealing with this problem before many people lose their lives.

I for one am supposed to get my transport from Market Square but it takes a long time to manoeuvre out of the place once the kombis has passengers.

As a result people have resorted to illegal pick up points for their transport. Let us consider people’s live first before money.


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