A hungry man is an angry man


CHIVI – A hungry Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) student assaulted a cook who had denied him food at the Mashava campus dining hall, a Chivi magistrate heard yesterday.

Hernimo Giya, 29, was hauled before Chivi magistrate Francis Mapfumo facing assault and malicious damage of property charges.

The student reportedly jumped over the food sharing counter and attacked the cook who had denied him food ostensibly because he did not have a meal ticket.

Prosecutor Nixon Chamisa told the court that on October 29 during the lunch hour at institution’s dining hall (DH), Guya assaulted a cook Egnes Mudiwa who had demanded a meal ticket.

Guyo did not have the meal ticket and demanded to buy the food to eat saying he was severely hungry.

Mudiwa refused to budge, prompting the hungry student to jump over the counter and throw several blows at Mudiwa before grabbing a pot full of meat.

He allegedly dipped his hand into the pot and took some meat pieces and ate them.

Guyo was allegedly stopped by some male cooks who called university security guards to apprehend him.

It was also alleged he became vicious, resisting arrest. He allegedly broke pots and plates containing beef, sadza and rice.

He allegedly pulled out a baton stick he was allegedly hiding in his shirt and started breaking more plates and DH windows before he was apprehended by the security guards and dragged out.

He managed to run away but returned to break more window by hurling stones.

The value of the damaged property was $210, according to the State.

The case was reported to police who later arrested him and detained him at Mashava Police Camp until he appeared in court yesterday.

Guyo was represented by Martin Mureri of Matutu, Kwirira and Associates. He was remanded to out of custody to November 6 on free bail.

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