Please, help starving masses


EDITOR — The front page of your issue yesterday had a very sad article about starving villagers.

Surely, in a country with so many resources how can we have fellow citizens starving and nobody seems to care?

Yet we have recently elected MPs clamouring for top-of-the-range vehicles at the expense of the lives of an endangered estimated 2,2 million people — the same people who put them into power to help address their problems.

Surely, how can we have innocent children scrounging for food at the expense of their education -—their only hope for a better life?

How can we have citizens of this rich nation fighting for wild fruits with wild animals just to survive?

What is the purpose of voting these men and women into office if they cannot help the very same people who entrusted them with their precious vote to help them in the first place.

Some of them even expelled the few NGOs that could have been helping the starving masses now. Surely something must be done as a matter of urgency.

Baba Jika

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