MDC, pay your ex-employees


EDITOR — Coalition Against Corruption (Cac) the leading anti-corruption organisation in the country  is greatly dismayed by reports that the MDC has dithered in paying former staff who were employed in the former Prime Minister’s office their outstanding salaries as well as retrenchment packages.

The party spokesperson was recently quoted in a local daily saying that the party had nothing to do with the workers.

It was rather naive for a party spokesperson to behave in such an archaic manner considering that the same workers had played a role in attempting to propel Morgan Tsvangirai into presidency.

Such inhuman actions being perpetrated by a party that claims to have been formed on the basis of labour backed principles are quite shameful to say the least.

Ironically, the same party had issued a statement condemning the State-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) for not paying its workers.

Hence Cac urges party president Morgan Tsvangirai to pay his former staffers since this is actually a violation of the Labour Act and the party knows how the law operates.

Cac also urges Tsvangirai to investigate issues of rampant abuse of donor funds by some senior members who were employed at the former his office since this has resulted in the suffering of scores of individuals.

Cac again urges the employees to seek recourse with the courts and pursue their outstanding monies so that fairness and justice is restored.

Refusing to pay workers is actually a corrupt act and Cac urges all progressive minded workers and their unions to rethink and dump parties that have no respect of the worker’s welfare.

Stop being abused at workplaces and lets report corruption at all levels.

Regis Chingawo,

Cac National Coordinator, Harare

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