Controversial dancehall star turns to gospel


HARARE – Controversial female dancehall artiste Brenda “Lady B” Bechani has released a gospel track called Muzambara.

Lady B is one of Zimbabwean dancehall’s most controversial artistes due to her penchant for dirty lyrics and equally controversial videos.

But she now claims she is a changed woman who no longer wants to continue in her eccentric ways.

“It has dawned on me that I am growing up, hence I must re-invent myself,” said Lady B.

“I have decided to quit dirty music for clean music,” said the 26-year-old. Zimbabwean dancehall’s bad girl has already released a video for Muzambara in which she features clad in a white apostolic sect gown.

Lady B told the Daily News yesterday that she is currently finalising her second album to be titled Tiri Murudo.

“The album in the pipeline is going to be my first clean album and it is a gospel ragga one. I am also shifting my focus from the immature audience. I am now targeting the mature wealthy audience,” said the AFM convert.

The dancehall star, who says she is in the process of forming a live band, is not regretting her controversial past life.

“I am still proud of my dirty music. I managed to carve my name as a dirty singer; it was a stepping stone for me hence I am not regretting composing those dirty lyrics,” she said.

Lady Bee says she has decided to quit dirty music because “controversy doesn’t pay. I have realised that not everyone likes the dirty music that I used to play,” she told Daily News.


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