BV Lavien splits again


HARARE – Topsy-tury local rhumba group BV Labien has suffered yet another break-up following the decision by band founder Cuthbert “King Vevela” Kasirori and six other members to form a splinter group.

King Vevela, drummer Gift “Undertaker” Kamutana, bassist George Mvurakamaruva, lead guitarist Paul Gundani, backing vocalist Khumbulani Moyo and dancer Simon Gumbate have all left BV Labien to form Super Labien Musica.

The new outfit has also enlisted the services of guitarist George Ruserena, backing vocalist Joseph Ndovu as well as dancers Collen Gumbate, Brenda Sabawo, Tafadzwa Tafirenyika and Portia Gwanzura.

Super Labien Musica is said to be already working on their debut album called Confirmation.

King Vevela’s decision to quit BV Labien with six members in tow follows another break-up early this year which resulted in six members of the fractious rhumba group joining rival group Best of All Musica.

King Vevela, though admitting unhappiness with the state of affairs at the Harare rhumba group, insists that he has not fallen out with BV Labien financier Sam Chamangwana.

“I feel I need to grow and be on my own,” said the former BV Labien lead vocalist. I have to admit that I was not comfortable with management subjecting me to leadership of people I invited to BV Labien. Remember I founded the group and even named it. However, that is not the reason I quit," Kasirori told the Daily News yesterday.

The 37-year-old added that he has benefitted nothing from the many rhumba groups he has been part of on the local scene.

King Vevela began his 19-year musical journey as backing vocalist and dancer for Papa Jose and TP Nyekese of Ndochi fame before joining Diamond Musica en route to BV Labien.

“I have been around a long time but I have nothing to show for it. Managers and band owners keep breaking promises.

“At one time my wife almost forced me to quit and go and look for a job. I think doing my own project will satisfy my wife as I would have shown my determination to grow,” King Vevela added.

Efforts to get a comment from BV Labien financier Chamangwana were fruitless as he was said to be out of the country but his understudy Johnson Chiwara expressed ignorance over the developments at the rhumba group.

“I am not aware of this. All I know is we staged successful shows over the weekend as a full band and any intentions to leave the group by any individual are yet to be communicated to me” said Chiwara.

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